We apologize but currently our investment offerings are NOT open to the public and are only for existing investors only.  We do however provide additional services for individual investors that are detailed below.

Our Global Investment Newsletter - A free newsletter that focus on events around the globe that may impact commodities and precious metals. This is a great way for busy private investors to keep up with events that may affect their investments, especially if they are into gold, silver, and other commodity investments.

We are a firm that believes in the value of Hard Assets as both investments and as an important cornerstone of a balanced financial system. Thus we have decided to issue our research and weekly newsletter as a portion of the "Silver Pledge" newsletter. Investors interested in receiving this newsletter need to subscribe to the Silver Pledge newsletter below.

Our "Diamond-in-the-Rough" Research - Currently, the only thing available for the small, private investor is our gold or silver COTS report.  We are currently not publicly publishing this information - for private inquiries please contact info@hebbainvestments.com

The Silver Pledge - An interesting movement (that we support) to break the stranglehold on the silver market.  Investors who are interested in taking initiative to support a free silver market should read more about it at the Silver Pledge website.

A Message from our Investment Desk

It is critical in these times of 'Financial Repression' that an investor puts his hard earned savings into assets that can weather the storm of government currency debasement.

We believe that real assets are the place that wise investors should look to put their assets to work. Commodities, precious metals, societal infrastructure real estate, and some equities are the place to be, and even though their volatility may scare some investors, they are much safer than the volatility would indicate.

Finally, AVOID bonds and fixed income at all costs because the money has already been made and historically in the environment we are in they can lose value very quickly - they are much riskier than they appear